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New ISSLive! Application Available for iPhone, iPad and Android

ISSLive! App

The new ISSLive! App is available now.

NASA announces the release of the ISSLive! app for iPhone, iPad and Andoid. This innovative, interactive app provides a novel way to learn about the International Space Station while on the go.

The ISS Live! app delivers live streaming data from the International Space Station. Users can take a virtual 3-D tour of the Mission Control Center and the space station, and view mission control console displays with real-time data. Interactive educational lessons using the data, as well as crew and science timelines with individual crew member, social media and international science experiment details are also available via the app.

To learn more and find links to download the ISSLive! app, visit http://spacestationlive.jsc.nasa.gov.

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Smart Skies Releases New Air Traffic Control Game – Sector 33

NASA’s Smart Skies team announces a new application available for iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch®. Sector 33 is an air traffic control mobile game designed to interest students in aeronautics-related careers and to connect mathematics and problem solving to the real world.

In Sector 33, the player role-plays as an air traffic controller and guides two to five airplanes through a sector of airspace by changing the planes’ routes and speeds. The challenge is to get the planes through the sector in the fastest time possible, with the player’s performance scored according to the planes’ final spacing. The game consists of four levels and is played in live mode without a pause feature.

The app is free and available for download from the App StoreSM. An Android™ version of the app is currently under development and will be made available in the Android Marketplace once it’s ready for release.

Sector 33 was developed as a companion piece to NASA’s Smart Skies LineUp With Math, an educational product used in formal middle school classrooms. LineUp With Math teaches students to solve distance-rate-time problems in the context of air traffic control. Problem solving, decision-making, and proportional reasoning are skills that students apply in LineUp With Math as they learn to solve distance-rate-time problems using both paper-and-pencil activities and a Web-based air traffic control simulator. The Sector 33 app serves as an extension to the LineUp With Math air traffic control simulator by taking on a game-like quality and giving players both a stronger role-playing experience and a greater problem-solving challenge.

To learn more about Sector 33, visit http://www.nasa.gov/Sector33.

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