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FAA Design Competition for U.S. College Students – NOI due September 28, 2012 and February 1, 2013

FAA Design Competition

Submit your notice of intent to participate by September 28, 2012 or February 1, 2013.

The Competition guidelines and many resources are posted at the Competition website:


All 2011-2012 design topics are still included. New topics have been added to the each of 2012 Design Challenge areas.

In addition, two new Design Challenge areas have been added: Innovative Application of FAA Data and Electric/Hybrid-Electric Aircraft Technology.

The new Innovative Application of FAA Data design challenge challenges students to use FAA, industry, travel and airport-relevant data to develop a mobile application for use for by smart phones and tablets that is innovative and commercially viable.

The new Electric/Hybrid Electric Aircraft Technology design challenge asks students to design a regional transport aircraft that will use electric or hybrid electric propulsion and to consider the impact on airports. This is the first aircraft design challenge for the FAA design competition.

Other brand new topics by Design Challenge area are:

  • Airport Operation and Maintenance: Improved methods for ground traffic flow scheduling.
  • Airport Environmental Interactions: System level methodologies for strategic assessment of environmental interactions beginning at the airport planning phase.
  • Runway Safety: Safety Assessment Tools: Mobile tools to support assessment conducted by runway safety action teams that aid in compliance evaluation as well as hazard identification and correction.
  • Systems analysis to determine areas of greatest risk for runway incursion and excursion in the National Airspace and proposing corrective action plans.
  • Airport Management and Planning: Methods for aircraft/runway interface that address issues caused by new energy efficient lighting not being visible to heat sensing, enhance flight vision systems.

The Competition’s broad challenge categories embrace many engineering, science, information technology, psychology, and management disciplines. The new Innovative Application of FAA Data challenge particularly encourages designs from interdisciplinary teams.

The Competition is again open to individual and student teams at U.S. colleges and universities (both undergraduate and graduate) working under the mentorship of a faculty advisor. Winners can earn cash awards and first place winners have the opportunity and travel funds to present their design at FAA Headquarters summer 2013 and may also be sponsored to present at professional meeting relating to the students’ design. A notice of intent is strongly encouraged. Design submissions are due April 19, 2013.


2007-2008 FAA Design Competition for Universities

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is offering a Design Competition for Universities for the 2007 – 2008 academic year.

The Competition challenges individual students or teams of students from U.S. colleges and universities working under the mentorship of a faculty advisor to address challenges in three broad areas: Airport Operations and Maintenance, Runway Safety/Runway Incursions, and Environmental Interactions of Airports. Students must have a faculty advisor. Cash prizes are given to first, second and third place winners in each category. The first place winners will present their design solutions at the American Association of Airport Executives June 2008 Meeting in New Orleans.

Competition guidelines and full details are available at:

Student and faculty participants in last year’s Competition overwhelmingly found participation in the Competition to be a valuable educational experience. Many cited the ability to actively address real-world issues and to deal with airport operators and other practicing professionals as meaningful aspects. Participants can engage in the Competition in many ways– for example as part of a design class, independent study, or a student professional society project.

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